What I like about this vanity is the clean lines and sturdy construction. What I didn’t like was the knee knocker drawer, no mirror and that it sat too low.

Vanity - Before

Vanity – Before

To raise it up I added 1 x 3’s to the base. Then to fix the drawer I removed it from the sides, cut it in half and put it back in flush with the top of the base pieces. This made it more comfortable to sit at. Then I used oak plywood to give the top a seamless finish. Now for the mirror, I didn’t have a definite plan, I just started putting pieces together. I found this old framed mirror in my stash and thought the style was a good match for this vanity. It wasn’t quite wide enough though, so I added these old shutters on each side of the frame, backed with scraps of the oak plywood. For a little flair I added these two wood salvaged pieces on each end.
To finish it off I painted it a light blue color then taped off the design and painted it light grey. The small wood applique in the centers are painted with the same dark grey color as the top.

Vanity - After

Vanity – After