The theme for this weeks projects was simple to special with stencils.
I started with this simple table that I believe was someone’s woodshop class project. I hope this student got an A because it is a job well done, maybe a little boring though.

Side Table - Before

Side Table – Before

I brightened it up with a coat of white paint then stenciled it with this great Moroccan stencil in a nice grass-green color. I think this piece is now special and the hidden drawer is a bonus.

Side Table - After

Side Table – After

Side Table Drawer - After

Side Table Drawer – After

The next project was this little country-style table that was ready for a new look.

Country Side Table - Before

Country Side Table – Before

After a coat of fun paint I used the same stencil in red. It now has a bit of a Bohemian look that’s a little sassy.

Country Side Table - After

Country Side Table – After

The last project was this beautiful antique coffee table that was looking a little tired.

Antique Coffee Table - Before

Antique Coffee Table – Before

I brightened it up with a few coats of white paint then tried out another new stencil that I thought would make this piece very special. I finished it off with some dark wax to bring out all its great lines. Now I think it is revived and ready for a new home.
Antique Coffee Table - After

Antique Coffee Table – After