This very ugly but very sturdy table is the perfect height for a work station. It was salvaged from a school so the first project was to remove all the wads of gum on the underside. Oh yuk!

Tall Table/Work Island - Before

Tall Table/Work Island – Before

Now to remove the ugly. It had a lot of nicks and scratches but most of it was only as deep as the thick layers of paint so after a good sanding it was ready to paint. I used a rust red color on the base and for the top, a walnut stain and many layers of polyurethane. To give it some extra storage space I added a shelf to the base made from 1 x 2’s. The deep drawer is also great for storage but the inside took a few coats of primer before the paint to cover the hand written list of boys names titled the “Hot List”.

Tall Table/Work Island - After

Tall Table/Work Island – After