These projects were all about re-sizing. The old rocker obviously belonged to a very short granny because it sat very low. But the matching table stood too high.

Rocker and Side Table - Before

Rocker and Side Table – Before

I started the re-sizing with the chair. After removing the seat I added 1 x 3’s to the frame. This brought it up to a more comfortable seat height. To add a little interest I used wood rings that came from a curtain I purchased at a yard sale. Hated the curtain but I knew I could get use out of all those wood rings.

Wood Ring Curtain

Wood Ring Curtain

Ok, on to the too tall table. Simple fix, chopped off the bottom of the legs, and finished them off with decorative wood pieces. Yes the cute cut off legs will be saved to be used on another project. Then, of course, I had to add wood rings to the table too.
Ebony stain refreshed the seat and table top and the rest was painted in a high gloss red exterior paint. And I do mean RED! To quiet it down a notch I covered them both with dark wax from the American Paint Co.

Rocker and Side Table - After

Rocker and Side Table – After

My first time using this product. Very impressed. Goes on smoothly and no sickening smell.
Now this bright and updated set is ready to rock on.