The theme for this week was stars and stripes, classic and timeless designs that I never get tired of.
This Ikea cabinet was my first project. I found it in the dump pile at a yard sale so, of course, I had to bring it home. I know, normal people rescue animals, I rescue furniture from the dump.

Ikea Cabinet - Before

Ikea Cabinet – Before

I thought it was worth saving because it is made of mdf…yes that is still particle board but high quality particle board. Putting it back together was a fun challenge and I also added a new plywood back. Of course, the next step was sanding and painting. I added the dark grey paint to the bottom to show off the fun details at the base. Then I stenciled these stars to the door inserts just for the fun of it.

Ikea Cabinet - After

Ikea Cabinet – After (1 of 2)

Ikea Cabinet - After (2 of 2)

Ikea Cabinet – After (2 of 2)

Next was this small particle board book shelf with the ugly fake wood grain…yes, big yawn, so it was time to wake it up.

Particle board shelves - before

Particle board shelves – before

I decided to take it apart and reassemble it because it was a little shaky. With all the pieces layed out flat it was a great opportunity to sand and do a fun paint treatment before putting it back together. I started by painting it all yellow then taped off for the grey stripes. A new plywood back is always a must on these particle board pieces and a great stencil opportunity. After reassembling it I thought it seemed to short so I raised it up by adding this base made from a pine shelf and brackets.

Particle board shelves - After

Particle board shelves – After

The last project, another mdf piece, just needed an updated look. I painted it in the dark grey color and brightened up the hardware with bright white paint.

MDF Desk - Before

MDF Desk – Before

MDF Desk - After

MDF Desk – After

The chair that came with this desk was also in good condition just dated so that was a quick fix with a staple gun and some great fabric.

Rolling Chair - Before

Rolling Chair – Before

Rolling Chair - After

Rolling Chair – After