I started with this old table…love the way the legs fold down and it can be stored flat, but the color was very dull. Bright white seemed to be the best choice.

Folding Table - Before

Folding Table – Before

The chairs, that also fold down flat, started out very dry and gray because they were left outside and unprotected for years. A good cleaning, primer and paint and now they are bright white like the table.

Directors Chairs - Before

Directors Chairs – Before

For some color…I was thinking something beachy so I chose fabric with colors that remind me of sand and water and the chevron pattern gives it a fun and updated look.

Folding Table and Chairs - After

Folding Table and Chairs – After

Then onto this old but interesting double chair. It was also very weathered and in need of repairs and protection.

Double Chair - Before

Double Chair – Before

For the paint, I needed a break from bright white so I chose the vibrant green color from the fabric. It’s a happy color and brings this old piece to life.

Double Chair - After

Double Chair – After

The last project, I’m calling it a camping trunk, is a very unique and creative piece that was handmade years ago by someone that built it to last.

Trunk - Closed

Trunk – Closed

Stored in the lid is eight legs.

Trunk - Legs stored in Lid

Trunk – Legs stored in Lid

Four of them attach to the underside of the lid to make a table and the other four screw into the bottom of the trunk to raise it up to table height. Then the hinged front drops down. I didn’t have to think of a color for this piece, it was already perfect, just needed a good cleaning.

Trunk and Table set - with legs

Trunk and Table set – with legs

Think of how useful this trunk could be for indoor or outdoor use.