My latest projects were perking up some boring furniture with paint.
I started with this old rickety country table that had been used and abused.

ckety Country Table - Before

ckety Country Table – Before

It needed some reinforcement to make it sturdy again then a good cleaning, a coat of paint and a paisley stencil to top it off. Now it stands proud and pretty and ready to be used again.

Rickety Country Table - After

Rickety Country Table – After

Then another piece of country furniture.

Unfinished Pine Cabinet - Before

Unfinished Pine Cabinet – Before

I brought this unfinished pine cabinet to life with grass green paint on the outside and bright white to the inside. I love any piece of furniture that provides display and closed storage space.

Unfinished Pine Cabinet - After

Unfinished Pine Cabinet – After

Next was this large round coffee table. It was in good condition but the brown top and bronze metal was a bit tired looking.

Large Round Coffee Table - Before

Large Round Coffee Table – Before

I had to take it apart to spray paint the metal ring silver. The top just needed a light sanding then white paint. I used gray paint for the stencil and outside edge then topped off the grey with metallic silver paint. Now it has an updated look and would be perfect for today’s large sectional sofas.

Large Round Coffee Table - After

Large Round Coffee Table – After