Oct 092013

I started with this old and very rough little dresser.

Small Old Dresser - Before

Small Old Dresser – Before

I could have just painted it, after doing the minor structural repairs, and it would have been just fine, but not very interesting. So my thought to improve this short dresser was to give it some height with a framed mirror. I dug into my stash and found a mirror to fit, a gun rack for the frame, and parts and pieces to make it unique and interesting. My first pile included the gun rack, small drawers and architectural pieces.

Gun rack and mirror

Gun rack and mirror

I decided the drawers weren’t going to work, but after taking the gun rack apart, it turned out to be the perfect fit for the frame. My second pile included the sides and top shelf from the gun rack, molding, drawer pulls and more architectural pieces.

Miscellaneous wood parts

Miscellaneous wood parts

Taking random parts and pieces and putting them together to make a one of a kind piece is where I have the most fun, it’s like putting a puzzle together. I finished this project with paint and dark wax. The old girl is still a little rough but much more interesting to look at.

Small Old Dresser - After

Small Old Dresser – After

Thank you Cristee for finding me another fun project!

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  1. Dora, I am always happy to send things your way! I just love seeing what you do with them. You have such a great eye for detail.

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