For this project I started with a group of 1950’s pieces that I have collected over time. The chairs are stamped and dated Bentwood Furniture 1950 and, I was told, the handmade tables are also from the 50’s. I thought this group of orphan furniture could become a family.

Kitchen Table - Before

Kitchen Table – Before

Phone Table - Before

Phone Table – Before

After painting and upholstering the chairs I went to work on the tables.

Refinished Bentwood Chairs

Refinished Bentwood Chairs

I loved the bases on both but the tops had to go. To make the small table work with the chairs for a dining set I replaced the small top with a larger one that I salvaged from a roadside find antique table. It was beyond repair but still had reusable parts.

Dining Table - After

Dining Table – After

Dining Table and Chairs - After

Dining Table and Chairs – After

Next was the phone table…a very useless piece of furniture nowadays. After removing the upper section I used more parts from the antique table to build it up to counter height then topped it off with the small table top that I had removed from the first table.

Phone Table - After

Phone Table – After

The size is perfect for a kitchen island and the overhang on each end would be great for bar stools. Now this furniture family just needs a home.