Oct 032012

Last week I showed you how simple it was to convert a basic kitchen cabinet into an island. This week I want to share with you how I converted the old laundry area in my kitchen into a beverage center, and added extra storage. When we moved the washer and dryer out of the kitchen we decided to take advantage of the existing plumbing and turn this space into a beverage center. After moving in the large refridgerator, I realized the sink cabinet would have to be custom made to fit the very small space that was left. The bar sink was reclaimed from a friends remodel project, and of course I didn’t want to actually buy the materials to make the cabinet so I had to dig into my stash.

Bar Sink

Bar Sink

I knew I wanted to use these great old table legs but they were not tall enough so I built an apron around the top of the legs to bring it up to counter height. And I had just enough old iron wood for the top. Instead of putting the sink in the center of the cabinet, I placed it to the front so there would be enough room for the coffee maker. Then I put a shelf below for extra storage. The large flour and sugar jars make me look domestic but my family doesn’t actually allow me to cook.

Shelving Above the Beverage Center

Shelving Above the Beverage Center

The shelves above the sink were made to fit the coffee and tea we drink daily. Because I can’t stand to see any wall space go to waste, I put in these plate rails for storing platters and trays.

Pot Rack

Pot Rack

The pot rack was made from reclaimed lumber and the lid rack is an inexpensive rail from IKEA.

Above the Refridgerator Shelving

Above the Refridgerator Shelving

The long shelves above the sink and fridge are, of course, hollow core doors and a great way to store and display those dishes that I love but rarely use.

Beverage Center

Beverage Center

Although the cookie jar is always empty, it makes me smile because it reminds me of all our great bike trips. This area is very handy and freed up a lot of storage area in my kitchen cabinets.

Jul 172012

Here are a few more ideas for those ugly hollow core doors.

We’ve all seen those headboards made from fantastic vintage doors but even ugly hollow core doors can be dressed up and made into a great headboard.  This one is made from 4 hollow core bi-fold closet doors that  have been trimmed  out with lattice molding, topped  off with brick molding and  dressed up with a wall decal, after painting it white.   It’s also been back lit with rope lighting for that romantic glow.

Headboard made from hollow core doors

Hollow Core Door Headboard

This seating area is actually a Murphy Bed.  It is made from 2 36″ hollow core doors attached with a piano hinge to the bench, which is secured to the wall.  When the pad is removed from the bench, it serves as the support for the head of the bed, and the upper shelf becomes the support for the foot of the bed.  When the bed is closed, it is secured upright to the wall with straps and hooks.  This is a very simple and inexpensive design, and makes a handy extra bed when space is limited.

Murphy Bed made from hollow core doors

Murphy Bed - closed

Murphy Bed from hollow core doors

Murphy Bed - open

Cutting Counter made from hollow core doors

Cutting Counter

I built this cutting counter for a lady who is an avid quilter and needs a lot of storage for her fabric and tools.  The base, including the center shelf, is entirely constructed from hollow core doors.  For the top, I cut a 4×8 piece of melamine into 3 sections and used piano hinges to connect them.  The drop leaf supports are made from 2×2’s and hinged to swing in and out.

Hollow core doors also make inexpensive and light weight shelving for closets and bookshelves.

These are all the hollow core door ideas I have used so far, but stay tuned because there are many more to come.

Jul 032012
ugly hollow core door

Ugly hollow core door

We’ve all seen them, we’ve probably all thrown a few out — the ugly hollow core door.  Let’s save them from the landfill and burn piles and reinvent them into usable, one-of-a-kind pieces for your home.

This is a two part series, this first post will cover how to transform old doors (like the one shown) into useable storage cabinets.

storage cabinet made from hollow core doors

White double door storage cabinet

These two cabinets are each made from six hollow core doors — 2 for the doors, 2 for the sides, 1 cut in half for the top and bottom and the last cut in half for the shelving. Because the doors are hollow, they have to be reinforced once they are cut. I usually use scrap 2 X 4’s ripped down to fit inside the opening.

Blue storage cabinet made from hollow core door

Blue double door storage cabinet

After they are assembled, it is time to dress them up. Molding for this large of a cabinet can be very expensive, so to save money I created my own. The trim on the white cabinet was ripped from a $10, 4 X 8 sheet of 1/8″ fiber board, into strips and designed in a contemporary style. The blue cabinet was done in simple, inexpensive half round applied to give the door a raised panel look.

I also designed some home office single door cabinets for a computer whiz who has too many cords, miscellaneous parts, and a variety of ugly computer towers that had to be hidden to save his marriage. To make them more interesting, I cut out an opening and created a painted glass insert. The painted glass was created by pouring different colors of paint at the top of the glass and letting it run down. The trim around the glass is wainscoting cap and the rest of the trim is the ripped down 1/8″ fiber board. In order to keep the computer towers cooled, I left off the back and inserted a side screened vent.

Black hollow core door computer cabinet

Black Computer Cabinet (left)

Black hollow core door computer cabinet

Black Computer Cabinet (right)

Hollow core bi-fold doors are great for making smaller cabinets. This cabinet was built to hide an ugly laundry hamper. The design on the door was made from squares of 1/8″ fiber board, trimmed out with screen molding and a simple wooden knob in the center of each square. The base was repurposed from an antique vanity.

laundry hamper cabinet made from hollow core bi-fold doors

Laundry hamper cabinet

laundry hamper cabinet made from hollow core bi-fold doors

Laundry hamper cabinet (open)

Stay tuned for part two of the Hollow Core Door series where I will be discussing more ways to repurpose those ugly hollow core doors.