Apr 242013

I went with totally terrific teal for these projects.
I started with this beautiful little vanity.

Vanity - Before

Vanity – Before

It’s full of fun storage for all those girly must haves and I love those gorgeous legs. Brighening up the color was a must and then I lined the many drawers with fun and colorful paper.

Vanity - After (1 of 2)

Vanity – After (1 of 2)

Vanity - After (2 of 2)

Vanity – After (2 of 2)

Next was this small dresser, nice size, good condition but very tired and boring.

Small Dresser - Before

Small Dresser – Before

To make it special I added more of the terrific teal paint and a pretty stencil in white.

Small Dresser - After

Small Dresser – After

Then this night stand, a curb side find, that was the same style as the dresser so I thought I would paint it to match.

Nightstand - Before

Nightstand – Before

Nightstand - After

Nightstand – After

Mar 202013

I had to take a break from particle board furniture and find a few pieces of solid wood to work on this week.
I started with this beautiful antique writing desk. I love the small size and the pull out work surface.

Antique Lift Top Writing Desk - before

Antique Lift Top Writing Desk – before

It’s perfect for today’s down sized spaces and a great place to hide all those must have electronics. This is such a pretty desk that all it took to dress it up was a couple coats of white paint, a lovely stencil, and some dark wax to show off all it’s great details.

Antique Writing Desk - After

Antique Writing Desk – After

Next was this old shadow box. I love the original gold trim, which is in great condition, so I taped it off to protect it before I painted the rest white.

Shadow Box - Before

Shadow Box – Before

The color and diamond design on the trim was the inspiration for the design on the plywood backing.

Shadow Box - After

Shadow Box – After

The last project I call big, bold and beautiful. This antique dresser is huge and heavy but has such great lines. Just look at those legs…and it has casters, yay!

Antique Dresser - Before

Antique Dresser – Before

It was in great condition but that brown color was just “blah” so I livened it up with red paint and ornate hardware then added stripes to the top. This low dresser would be great for a large flat screen TV that all those men love but you’ll need his muscles to lift it.

Antique Dresser - After

Antique Dresser – After

Feb 272013

I know melamine furniture looks cheap and boring but it doesn’t have to. This weeks projects are all about upcycling those eye sores into pieces that you would be proud to show off. As long as they are functioning well why not make them pretty.

I started with these two Ikea melamine dressers, both in very good working condition but oh so boring.

Ikea Melamine Dressers

Ikea Melamine Dressers

These were upcycled for my granddaughter, Lea. She wanted one long dresser, so my idea was to take the two and put them together to give the illusion they are one, but the option to use them as seperate units. I painted them a bright white then wrapped a grey damask stencil around them and added these glass ball pulls.

Ikea Melamine Dressers - After

Ikea Melamine Dressers – After

For the top I used 1/8 inch plywood framed with 5/8 inch square lumber and trimmed it off with decorative molding. It fits snug over the top to make the two look like one. Now Lea has her long dresser that is as beautiful as she is.

Ikea Dressers - After

Ikea Dressers – After

Ikea Dressers - After with Lea

Ikea Dressers – After with Lea

Next was this small mirrored wall cabinet that was in great condition but cheap and dated looking.

Small Mirrored Wall Cabinet - Before

Small Mirrored Wall Cabinet – Before

I started by sanding off the cheesy crackle finish and removing the bottom piece that had too many curves and a cheap applique. I cut a new and simpler bottom piece then painted it all with a bluish grey color and wrapped it with a white stencil.

Small Mirrored Cabinet - After

Small Mirrored Cabinet – After

Last was this basic melamine storage cabinet. It had been very well used and slightly abused but it was free so worth the effort.

Basic Melamine Storage Cabinet - Before

Basic Melamine Storage Cabinet – Before

I started by replacing the damaged back with a new piece of fiberboard. The trim on the doors are ripped down scraps of the fiberboard. I also put a new top on it because it was looking a bit saggy. Then the top and bottom were trimmed out with simple molding and finished off with paint and a white stencil.

Basic Melamine Storage Cabinet - After

Basic Melamine Storage Cabinet – After

These pieces are still great for storage, just alot nicer to look at.

Feb 132013

I went a little stencil silly and color crazy with the latest upcycling projects.
The first was this beautiful antique dresser.

Antique Dresser with Mirror Frame - Before

Antique Dresser with Mirror Frame – Before

It was in very good shape except the missing mirror. After a quick shopping trip to my shed I found the perfect mirror in a frame that fit beautifully. I added a wood applique to dress it up then painted it to match. To give this piece a bit of “bling” I added these fantastic drawer pulls that I have been saving for just the right project. To tie it all together, I added this stencil in the green color of the knobs then sanded and dark waxed it for an aged look and also to bring out all the natural crackle and details.

Antique Dresser with Mirror - After

Antique Dresser with Mirror – After

Next was this beautiful old drop leaf table that was looking a little tired and had a bit of a granny vibe to it.

Vintage Drop Leaf Table - Before

Vintage Drop Leaf Table – Before

So to give it some life, I painted all those spindle legs shiny black and stenciled this fun houndstooth pattern on the white painted top. I then added this sassy red color to the underside.

Vintage Drop Leaf Table - After

Vintage Drop Leaf Table – After

The last project was this colonial style dresser that was not only in great condition but very well constructed and also came with this nice large mirror.

Colonial Dresser with Mirror- Before

Colonial Dresser with Mirror – Before

The look, although, (big yawn) was a bit ordinary so to give it an updated look I added this true blue color and a modern geometric design stencil. Then finished off the contemporary look with these brushed silver drawer pulls.

Colonial Dresser with Mirror - After

Colonial Dresser with Mirror – After

Jan 232013

What is black and white, and red all over? Ruby’s room, of course! The was the next room we did in Cassie’s house. We definitely did some thinking outside the box for this room. Blue-grey walls were a must, even though we knew it was a girl. And a princess named Ruby, had to have red accents. The black and white is just fun and timeless. A matching furniture set was definitely not an option, so although the crib and rocker were purchased new, the remaining furniture came from a shopping trip in the shed.

This solid pine dresser was perfect for a baby room, but a little boring. After a good coat of white paint, I added some thick black stripes, and these fun drawer pulls.

Solid Pine Dresser - Before

Solid Pine Dresser – Before

Solid Pine Dresser - After

Solid Pine Dresser – After

The armoire started out as a curb side find. After a coat of ruby red paint, it was ready for the room.

Child's Wardrobe - Before

Child’s Wardrobe – Before

Baby Armoir - After

Baby Armoir – After

The toy box was painted in the black and white to tie in with the dresser, and she has a whole collection of beautiful hand made blankets from our favorite quilter, Ruby’s Great Grandma Donna. The room is now bright and pretty, and ready for Ruby’s arrival.

Ruby's Room

Ruby’s Room

Ruby's Crib

Ruby’s Crib

Dec 052012

This old vanity was found on the curb by one of my favorite bloggers, Good One, Den and she passed it on to me to give it a new life. Keeping it a vanity was not an option because the mirror was missing and making it into a desk seemed so expected, so I went with a total change.

Waterfall Vanity

Waterfall Vanity

The top half became a bench or entertainment center and the bottom half is now night stands or end tables.
After cutting off the top section I used a pine board for the bottom and left the center back open for easy access to components if used as an entertainment center.

Vanity Top - Before

Vanity Top – Before

I painted it grey, then went over it with a silver metallic paint and finished it off with a dark wax to give it an aged look. I added these awesome casters and trap door hardware for the drawer pulls to give it even more of an industrial look. This piece would be a great addition to any home, especially a loft style home.

Mid-Century Vanity - After

Mid-Century Vanity – After

Next was the bottom half of the vanity.

Bottom half of Vanity drawers - before

Bottom half of Vanity drawers – before

I used boards from my salvage pile for the tops but they seemed too low so I added these small shelves made from 3/4″ lumber and pine boards.
Bottom Half of Vanity Drawers - with tops

Bottom Half of Vanity Drawers – with tops

To give it some interest I inserted these cut embroidery hoops in the side frames.

Upper tiers for side tables and embroidery hoops

Upper tiers for side tables and embroidery hoops

Upper tiers for side tables with embroidery hoops

Upper tiers for side tables with embroidery hoops

The circles on the drawer fronts are craft items used to make wreaths. The drawer pulls are wood balls also from the craft store. And, as usual, it’s not complete until it’s stenciled…I know I have a stencil addiction.

Two Side Tables - After

Two Side Tables – After

Last was an upcycle project, also found on the curb.

Child's Wardrobe - Before

Child’s Wardrobe – Before

This child’s dresser will be for my next grandchild. We don’t know the sex of the baby yet but since this is my story I’m going to say it’s a girl and call her Ruby. So I think baby Ruby is going to love this solid wood piece painted in red with polka dots stenciled on the inside of the closet door. It will provide her with plenty of storage for many fancy dresses and shoes to match and, of course, one drawer will be for Harley outfits only.
Child's Dresser - After

Child’s Dresser – After

Child's Dresser - After

Child’s Dresser – After

Nov 022012

This weeks upcycling projects were a variety of styles.
First were these two mid century dressers. This is not my favorite style but I do appreciate their great quality.

Tall Mid-Century Dresser - Before

Tall Mid-Century Dresser – Before

Long Mid-Century Dresser - Before

Long Mid-Century Dresser – Before

These are made by Bassett and in very good condition but I thought they would look better with some color. I didn’t go too crazy, just shades of grey. The design on the drawers were done with a stencil and stripes on the large drawer.

Tall Mid-Century Dresser - After

Tall Mid-Century Dresser – After

Long Mid-Century Dresser - After

Long Mid-Century Dresser – After

The next project was rustic. Now this is my style. It was a very dirty and beat up, but sturdy old box that I think was probably used for storage in a wood shop.

Fabio's Heavy Duty Storage Box

Fabio’s Heavy Duty Storage Box

After a good cleaning and sanding I put a black watered down stain on it to bring out all it’s character. Then went over that with a walnut stain and finished it off with varathane. I could have put the casters on the bottom and left it as a box but I thought it would be more useful on it’s side. Now it can be a coffee table, side table, night stand, or a bench.
Rustic Box - After

Rustic Box – After

Then the last project is very traditional. This was a very easy one. I started with this beautiful chair and updated it with some paint and fun fabric on the seat.

Traditional Chair - Before

Traditional Chair – Before

Traditional Chair - After

Traditional Chair – After

Sep 142012

Scored some great finds today. Cassie missed out on the fun because of some lame excuse that she had to go to work…whatever. Buddy volunteered to go with me though. He knows how easily I get lost when I venture out on my own. The pieces I found were large and heavy so I was very happy to have him and his muscles there to help me load.

My steal of the day was this beautiful antique dresser. It didn’t come with a mirror in the frame but I’m sure I have one in my collection that will be a beautiful addition to this great lady.

Antique Dresser with Mirror Frame

Antique Dresser with Mirror Frame

The next dresser I found is very heavy but great quality…no particle board here. I love the colonial style and it came with a great mirror. After a fun paint job, this piece would not only be a great addition to a bedroom but would also be perfect for a dining room buffet or a bathroom vanity with a sink dropped in it.

Colonial Dresser with Mirror

Colonial Dresser with Mirror

I love the tall corner shelves backed with bead board. It has a lot of style but I think the color is a little boring. I’ll have to come up with the perfect color to add some fun to this one.

Tall Beadboard Corner Shelves

Tall Beadboard Corner Shelves

The mirror will be added to my collection until I find the perfect piece to add it to.



And as always, I managed to find a great collection of small pieces and miscellaneous parts.

Miscellaneous Parts

Miscellaneous Parts

Sep 122012

This week has been about painting and upcyling a few yard sale pieces. This was my first experience with chalk paint. I made it by mixing 2 1/2 tbl. of Dap Plaster of Paris with 1 tbl. of water, then adding it to 1 cup of paint. I mixed it all in a disposable dish with a snap on lid so that I could store the leftover paint. I was very impressed. It went on nice and left a very smooth finish. Because this adheres so well, it eliminates the need for sanding and priming. Then I tried Annie Sloan’s clear and dark furniture wax to seal it. The dark wax worked great for bringing out all the detail and I finished up with the clear wax. I like the wax but I don’t like the harmful odor. When I’m ready to buy more I will be shopping for one that is more eco-friendly.

Supplies to make chalk paint

Supplies to make chalk paint

I found this beautiful antique dresser at a yard sale (and I forgot to take a before picture, oops). It was in such great condition, that all it needed was paint. This was my first try with the dark wax, and I was impressed with how it showed off its beautiful details.

Upcycled Antique Dresser

Upcycled Antique Dresser

The next piece was this vintage TV stand. I thought it would make a great bench, so I started by adding a board to the back for support. Time to paint. I knew I wanted it red so I started with a base coat of grey. I have found that using red always takes several coats unless you start with a grey base. The fabric for the pad was cut from a twin size Pottery Barn duvet cover, also purchased at a yard sale. This bench would be handy for a mud room but would also be great in a boys room. And the casters make moving it very easy.

TV Stand Repurposed into a Bench - Added Back

TV Stand Repurposed into a Bench – Added Back

TV Stand Repurposed into Bench - Primed in Gray

TV Stand Repurposed into Bench – Primed in Gray

Finished Bench Repurposed from Antique TV Stand

Finished Bench Repurposed from Antique TV Stand

This beautiful antique table with the fantastic legs did take some sanding to get the scratches and nicks out of the old finish but look how pretty it is all cleaned and chalk painted a nice bright white. As usual with an old piece, some blotches showed through after the first coat, but the chalk paint did a great job covering it after the second coat. The grey zebra print on the top, was applied by using a Jan Dressler wall stencil. This table also has a drawer and would make a great statement in a home office.

Upcycled Zebra Painted Table

Upcycled Zebra Painted Table

The last was this fun little three tiered side table made by Ballard. It was a very nice piece, it just need a little zip to it. I had my doubts that the chalk paint would cover over this high gloss finish without sanding and priming. Ok…I was wrong (first time). After a couple coats of the light blue, then I added the grey to the top, and used the same color for the stencil design. This is such a versatile piece, and casters on furniture is always a plus. Imagine it as a fun bar cart in the den, storage in the bathroom, nightstand in the bedroom, or just a fun side table.

Round Three Tier Side Table

Round Three Tier Side Table

Aug 242012

Trunks, Trunks, Trunks! Look at these great trunks we found, it seemed to be our theme for the day. It was our first treasure hunting day in the new truck, and we refused to come home until it was full. I let Cassie drive. She didn’t run over any yard salers, but she insisted on parking in the north 40 because turning around seemed to be challenging, so we got our workout for the day.

We just love trunks, they can be repurposed into so many different things. Be sure to check out my guest blog on Holy-Craft (www.holy-craft.com) next wednesday for a fun way to dress up an old footlocker. And check out the great little suitcase that is going be so fun to repurpose into a wall mounted storage cabinet, perfect for bathroom storage, jewelry, or spices in the kitchen.

Trunks and Storage

Trunks and Storage

The dresser was a donation (thank you Ashley), and we had to purchase this desk because it matched. This will be a fun project to do this winter for a child’s room, thinking pink and soft grey. And definitely new hardware. The chalkboard might be added in, painted to match, or maybe the little shelves.

Desk, Chalkboard, and Dresser

Desk, Chalkboard, and Dresser

The day would not be complete without our load of miscellaneous pieces. The great antique coffee table will be beautiful once it is upcycled with contemporary colors. The globe stand looks a little sad, but the price was right (free), and the parts will be great for adding to other projects.

Miscellaneous Pieces

Miscellaneous Pieces