Oct 162013

I decided to repurpose these two drawers into a mud room closet because of their large size — over two feet square!

Large Old Drawers - Before

Large Old Drawers – Before

To make it a complete open space, I removed the drawer ends before stacking them together. Using simple trim molding, I finished off the raw edges and reinforced the seams. The boards added to the bottom raised it up and provided a bench to sit at to take off shoes. I used one of the drawers ends for the bench shelf. Because it sits back it leaves room for boots on the floor and shoes on the shelf. Now to make it pretty, I painted it a nice clean white and used yellow and grey paint to create the detail on the back with the Tribe stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. The small mirror adds interest and a place to attach the coat hooks.

Large Old Drawers - After

Large Old Drawers – After

This piece is certainly not heirloom quality but it is a functional use for these old but sturdy drawers.
Thank you Kevin for clearing out your shop and giving me another fun project.

Jul 102012

When we finally got rid of our waterbed, I was left with a pedestal which included a dozen drawers. I couldn’t stand to see them go to waste, so here are a few examples of what they became. As for the rest of the waterbed frame, stay tuned for what became of it.

Plate display shelving from drawers

Plate display shelving from drawers

This plate display shelving was assembled using four drawers and trimmed out with 1×2’s.  It was painted off-white, antiqued, and then I stenciled lines along the outside front trim.  The checkered pattern on the back is scrapbook paper.

Display shelves from drawers

Display shelves from drawers

For this piece, I left the drawer fronts on and didn’t use any trim. It is handy shelving for my kitchen and takes up very little wall space.  This one was painted white and antiqued, and the back is red and white stripe wallpaper.

Arrow cabinet made from drawers

Arrow cabinet

This small cabinet was made from 2 drawers, screwed together and trimmed out with 1×2’s.  I added two extra shelves made from scrap lumber.  The door was constructed entirely from 1×2’s and screen mesh was stapled to the inside.  I painted it white, attached an old door latch and recycled hinges, and lined the back in herringbone shelving paper.

These are just a few of the simple, inexpensive things that you can do with your old drawers.