May 222013
Children's dresser - Before

Children’s dresser – Before

Children's dresser - after

Children’s dresser – after

Footlocker - Before

Footlocker – Before

Footlocker bench - after

Footlocker bench – after

Children's desk - before

Children’s desk – before

Children's Desk - After

Children’s Desk – After

Footstool/Stool - before

Footstool/Stool – before

Footstool/Stool - After

Footstool/Stool – After

Children's Dresser - Before

Children’s Dresser – Before

Children's dresser - after

Children’s dresser – after

Trunk - Before

Trunk – Before

Trunk - After

Trunk – After

Apr 172013

Okay, here we go again, more furniture in desperate need of being upcycled. These pieces were all in good condition just boring, tired and outdated.

I started with this pretty lady with fabulous legs. She was screaming for a youthful and updated look.

Desk with Queen Anne Legs - Before

Desk with Queen Anne Legs – Before

I achieved it by painting her dark blue and white on the top with a pretty scroll stencil. I kept the beautiful hardware but painted it bright white. The chair was just an extra I found in my shed that I painted and upholstered to match.

Desk with Queen Anne Legs - After (1 of 3)

Desk with Queen Anne Legs – After (1 of 3)

Desk with Queen Anne Legs - After (3 of 3)

Desk with Queen Anne Legs – After (3 of 3)

Desk with Queen Anne Legs - After

Desk with Queen Anne Legs – After

Next was this portable kitchen island, very well built but very dated.

Portable Kitchen Island - Before

Portable Kitchen Island – Before

After sanding and stripping it I painted it grey and used a dark stain on the oak top. To add some spunk I used hardware from the plumbing department and a stencil with a bright red bird.

Portable Kitchen Island - After

Portable Kitchen Island – After

The last project was this great revolving bookcase.

Revolving Bookcase - Before

Revolving Bookcase – Before

A fun piece but the color…a little blah, so I spiced it up with this burnt orange color and stenciled a star to the top.

Revolving Bookcase - After

Revolving Bookcase – After

Many more upcycling projects to come, got to get this excess out of my shed with yard sale season here.

Aug 312012

This blog is going to be a short one because they served daquiris with our mexican lunch today, and its starting to feel like nap time. Today was the day to yard sale if you were looking for kids clothes, strollers, cribs, etc., but for us, NO thank you. We did manage to find a small collection of treasures. Cassie found another ball, this one even glows in the dark…ooooh. And we’re hoping the old cowboy Buddy likes his perculating coffee pot.

Collection of Yard Sale Finds for 8/31/12

Collection of Yard Sale Finds for 8/31/12

Our favorite find for the day was this antique lift top writing desk. The size would work great in today’s smaller spaces. And the pull out tray would be perfect for working on a laptop, and the cubbies would keep stationary supplies organized.

Antique Lift Top Writing Desk

Antique Lift Top Writing Desk

This is a collection of past yard sale finds that have been upcycled and are ready to be taken to Persickety’s to sell. This wonderful, well built little drop leaf table would be perfect in any room of your house — kitchen island, craft room, desk, or even a little accent table.

Finished upcycled projects from yard sale finds.

Finished upcycled projects from yard sale finds.

See you next Friday, its nap time.

Aug 242012

Trunks, Trunks, Trunks! Look at these great trunks we found, it seemed to be our theme for the day. It was our first treasure hunting day in the new truck, and we refused to come home until it was full. I let Cassie drive. She didn’t run over any yard salers, but she insisted on parking in the north 40 because turning around seemed to be challenging, so we got our workout for the day.

We just love trunks, they can be repurposed into so many different things. Be sure to check out my guest blog on Holy-Craft ( next wednesday for a fun way to dress up an old footlocker. And check out the great little suitcase that is going be so fun to repurpose into a wall mounted storage cabinet, perfect for bathroom storage, jewelry, or spices in the kitchen.

Trunks and Storage

Trunks and Storage

The dresser was a donation (thank you Ashley), and we had to purchase this desk because it matched. This will be a fun project to do this winter for a child’s room, thinking pink and soft grey. And definitely new hardware. The chalkboard might be added in, painted to match, or maybe the little shelves.

Desk, Chalkboard, and Dresser

Desk, Chalkboard, and Dresser

The day would not be complete without our load of miscellaneous pieces. The great antique coffee table will be beautiful once it is upcycled with contemporary colors. The globe stand looks a little sad, but the price was right (free), and the parts will be great for adding to other projects.

Miscellaneous Pieces

Miscellaneous Pieces