Jul 052013

For this project I started with a group of 1950’s pieces that I have collected over time. The chairs are stamped and dated Bentwood Furniture 1950 and, I was told, the handmade tables are also from the 50’s. I thought this group of orphan furniture could become a family.

Kitchen Table - Before

Kitchen Table – Before

Phone Table - Before

Phone Table – Before

After painting and upholstering the chairs I went to work on the tables.

Refinished Bentwood Chairs

Refinished Bentwood Chairs

I loved the bases on both but the tops had to go. To make the small table work with the chairs for a dining set I replaced the small top with a larger one that I salvaged from a roadside find antique table. It was beyond repair but still had reusable parts.

Dining Table - After

Dining Table – After

Dining Table and Chairs - After

Dining Table and Chairs – After

Next was the phone table…a very useless piece of furniture nowadays. After removing the upper section I used more parts from the antique table to build it up to counter height then topped it off with the small table top that I had removed from the first table.

Phone Table - After

Phone Table – After

The size is perfect for a kitchen island and the overhang on each end would be great for bar stools. Now this furniture family just needs a home.

Oct 172012

Are there any Seahawk fans out there? I have the perfect bar for your man cave. I found this bar at a yard sale and initially painted it black and gray, but big yawn. I had to spice it up, and what better way to do that than with Seahawk colors. The screamin’ green on the inside is perfect for highlighting your bar accessories. It even has a built-in stemware rack for your wine drinkers. To top it off, I painted a Seahawk on the top. The bar measures 44″ wide by 40″ tall by 20″ deep, and is very sturdy but very heavy.

Bar Before - Black and Gray

Bar Before – Black and Gray

Seahawk Bar - Front

Seahawk Bar – Front

Painted Seahawk on Top

Painted Seahawk on Top

Inside of Seahawk Bar

Inside of Seahawk Bar

Sep 302012

We did our usual treasure hunting on Friday, but came home empty handed. I think the season is over. Buddy, however, managed to find a few treasures while I was at work on Saturday. Good job Buddy!

Buddy's Collection of Yard Sale Finds

Buddy’s Collection of Yard Sale Finds

So now my focus is on free stuff, and working my way through the shed. The free stuff collection has started already. The first piece I received was from my new friend Denniel, from Good One Den. It’s a little rough, but it has some great details and will be a fun and challenging project to repurpose. And it came with the magic price of “free”.

Waterfall Vanity

Waterfall Vanity

Driving down the road this morning, I spotted a lady putting furniture on the sidewalk. My brakes will need to be repaired, but I managed to get the truck stopped and loaded up before anyone else could snag them. What caught my eye first was this beautiful child’s wardrobe. I can’t believe what people throw away, this is actually solid wood. This would be fantastic for a kid’s bedroom.

Child's Wardrobe

Child’s Wardrobe

I’m not sure yet what I am going to do with these next two pieces, but the fun of free pieces is the challenge of recreating and updating.



End Table

End Table

The project for this week will be transforming this mancave bar into a custom painted Seattle Seahawks bar. It will be repainted in Seahawks colors with a Seahawk handpainted on the top. Then it will be for sale, so if you know of anybody in need of a Seahawk bar for their mancave, I will be posting pictures of the finished project soon.

Mancave Bar

Mancave Bar

Mancave Bar - Inside

Mancave Bar – Inside