This beautiful old Victorian phonograph had been used and abused. The veneer on the top was beyond repair, and two of the legs had been shaved off on the bottom sides. I was left with no choice but to cut them down, it was very painful for me.

Antique Phonograph - Before

Antique Phonograph – Before

When I pulled out the phonograph parts on the inside I found, tucked in the back, a rusted 1940’s cap gun. Ok, it wasn’t the pot of gold that I was hoping for but it was still exciting. For the top, I removed all the damaged veneer and the hinge from the top side that lifted to get to the phonograph. I liked the wood that was under the veneer so I attached the lift up side and sanded it smooth. I made a door out of the decorative speaker cover by using the hinge that I removed from the top. After painting it inside and out, I added prettier hardware that I found in my stash.
Then on to the hutch. I cut the curved design at the top of two shelving boards and used those cut off pieces for the middle shelf. I thought the musical themed small shelf was a perfect addition to this phonograph hutch. This was a yard sale find and on the back it was signed by the Seattle artist and dated 1947. The curved piece that tops it was also a yard sale find.
This was a fun piece to work on and I have my friend Cristee to thank for finding me another fantastic and exciting project.

Antique Phonograph - After

Antique Phonograph – After