I started this project with two, too small tables, a rectangle and a round.

Two Small Tables - Before

Two Small Tables – Before

I used the base of the rectangle table and turned the top the opposite direction. After cutting the round table top in half, I added the halves to the ends of the rectangle. Now it’s an appropriate size for a dining table but the top…not pretty. So back to the wood crates. After taking them apart I ran the boards through the planer to smooth them out and make each the same thickness. I cut all the pieces the same length and applied them to the table top in a herringbone pattern. It’s a very interesting look because of the variety of wood that the crates are made of.

Dining Table Top - After

Dining Table Top – After

I had four chairs to go with the table that just needed refinishing but it still needed a bench so off to the shed to gather parts. I used some broken chair parts for the back, a table leaf for the seat, and a cut down table base for the legs. For the upholstery I used a fun and colorful fabric to liven up that sea of brown.

Bench - After

Bench – After

Repurposed Dining Set - After

Repurposed Dining Set – After

Now to top off this set, I talked Buddy into making me a matching light. He stacked two old oval quilting hoops and I added the left over crate boards to the center. Then he used twisted wire to hang old beakers that came out of a school science lab and lit them up with tube shaped bulbs. It’s an awesome one of a kind light. Great job Buddy.

Beaker Light with Reclaimed Lumber

Beaker Light with Reclaimed Lumber