Here are some new projects for the beginning of July

We have a few small tables, a buffet cabinet, some shelves, and a small cabinet.

Old dry sink cabinet upcycled with paint and added shelf.

Small Table – Before

Small Table – After

Small Table – After (Top)

The top of a buffet cabinet, upcycled with paint, decorative paper and legs from an old footstool.

Large Buffet Cabinet – Before

Old Footstool With Legs – Before

Large Buffet Cabinet – After

Plywood round top added to a table base, then painted and stenciled.

Round Table – Before

Round Table – After (Top)

Round Table – After

Small drop leaf round table upcycled with a fun stencil.

Small Round Drop Leaf Table – Before

Small Drop Leaf Table – After (Top)

Small Drop Leaf Table – After

Drab shelving upcycled with vibrant paint color.

Shelves – Before

Shelves – After

Old side table upcycled with paint, while saving the original wood inlay design on the door.

Small Cabinet – Before

Small Cabinet – After