What is black and white, and red all over? Ruby’s room, of course! The was the next room we did in Cassie’s house. We definitely did some thinking outside the box for this room. Blue-grey walls were a must, even though we knew it was a girl. And a princess named Ruby, had to have red accents. The black and white is just fun and timeless. A matching furniture set was definitely not an option, so although the crib and rocker were purchased new, the remaining furniture came from a shopping trip in the shed.

This solid pine dresser was perfect for a baby room, but a little boring. After a good coat of white paint, I added some thick black stripes, and these fun drawer pulls.

Solid Pine Dresser - Before

Solid Pine Dresser – Before

Solid Pine Dresser - After

Solid Pine Dresser – After

The armoire started out as a curb side find. After a coat of ruby red paint, it was ready for the room.

Child's Wardrobe - Before

Child’s Wardrobe – Before

Baby Armoir - After

Baby Armoir – After

The toy box was painted in the black and white to tie in with the dresser, and she has a whole collection of beautiful hand made blankets from our favorite quilter, Ruby’s Great Grandma Donna. The room is now bright and pretty, and ready for Ruby’s arrival.

Ruby's Room

Ruby’s Room

Ruby's Crib

Ruby’s Crib