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More Pictures!!!
We have had many requests for more pictures, so we have made some changes to how we are doing things. We will still have the Blog Posts and the Before And After Pictures, but we have added in Individual Project Pages that include the types of skills required for each project.

The Latest From The Blog

  • More projects 10/6/14

    More projects 10/6/14

    This big old beauty had a lot of character but the large drawers seemed out of place.

    Antique Buffet – Before
    I don’t think the drawers were original to the piece, so I replaced them with doors […]

  • More Projects 10/19/2014

    More Projects 10/19/2014

    This retro style cabinet was a great size and very well built. I liked the hinged drawer but I thought it would be better if the opening was bigger so I removed both and replaced […]

  • More projects from September 2014

    More projects from September 2014

    This rusty, crusty trunk was crying for help. It had been beat up bad and needed to be saved. The first step was a good cleaning, then dealing with the rusty metal.

    I covered over the […]

  • Projects from September 2014

    Projects from September 2014

    I started with this dirty old ugly trunk.After a good cleaning and tackling the necessary repairs, I added trim around the bottom and cut some simple legs to raise it up.Then painted it white and […]

  • New Projects – 07/02/2014

    New Projects – 07/02/2014

    We have a few small tables, a buffet cabinet, some shelves, and a small cabinet.
    Small Table – After (Top)

    Large Buffet Cabinet – After

    Round Table – After

    Small Drop Leaf Table – After

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